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There are a lot of financial education tools available to you and it has been our experience that most of them produce marginal results at best. Every once in a while, though, we come across one that has been tried by a large number of organizations and proven to create fantastic results among the student participants – every time.

The demands upon the financial reality fair host are minimal: provide a suitable space for approximately three hours and help as best you can with getting the word out. We will take care of the rest; which means administration, production and expenses.


The Get REAL Financial Reality Fair program is in need of volunteers from the community to work with students on making decisions about the many aspects of life and keeping a budget. High School students today face a more complicated world when it comes to finances and budgeting. We see this event as an opportunity to prepare students for the financial reality of their future.

A volunteer’s role is to sell, not help students make the best choice. The ultimate goal is for students to see the consequences of spending more than they earn. As students complete their budget, some may realize that they have overspent. Students will then have an opportunity to meet with a financial advisor to review and adjust.

An important feature of a financially responsible lifestyle is savings. In the financial reality fair experience, students are encouraged to save a minimum of 10% of their income. The financial advisors explore the importance of planning for future needs and preparing for future financial challenges through savings. The fair will tempt students to spend their income on “fun,” but the financial advisors will bring the focus back to savings and thrift practices.

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